I am a freelance writer/photographer at Metro News London.

For three months, I filled in as an arts columnist at Metro News London, writing about London, Ontario’s art and culture scene. In January 2012 and then again in May 2012, I interned at CBC Radio Canada in Montreal, where I worked on the daily show Homerun and the weekly shows All in a Weekend and Cinq a Six.

In London, I produced an arts episode for the Rogers TV Show London under 30. I am also a freelance writer for London’s art magazine The Beat, as well as a freelance multimedia reporter for londonfuse.ca. For the Western University radio station CHRW, I have done newscasts and co-hosted/co-written a current affairs show.

Before moving back to London to do my Masters of Arts in Journalism degree in May 2012, I lived in Lyon, France and taught English. During my time there, I wrote about and photographed local events, including the retirement reform protests in 2010. My articles were published online at digitaljournal.com. While living briefly in Serbia and then India, I was a freelance writer/photographer for the blog Cafebabel Belgrade.

I am looking for paid work as a multimedia journalist.


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